New Girl

Sitting in this chair, in this cubicle, in this room….is pretty nerve wrecking. I’m still the new girl and the “young girl” who doesn’t know anything (atleast they think. Atleast I think they think….or maybe I just think..). Really makes me self conscious you know?

I like it here though. I just wish I was better with people. My life would be soooo smooth! I wish I could just go up to someone and  and not just have dry conversations but actual conversations and we became good friends. Now that’s a people person. I’m not one of those people.

And then I go home. Go to sleep, and then its the same thing over and over. I dont want to do this forever. I don’t. I want to own my own company, work from home and  be the leader. Maybe that’s all it is. Maybe I’m just uncomfortable being someone unimportant..


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